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Hi guys my name is Danays I was sleeved on 4/24/13 with Dr. Quinones Sergio at Tijuana Mexico " Sanata Fe Hosp". I just wanted to let everyone know how AMAZING was my experience since I landed at San Diego starting with the van driver Ery he was so funny that actually made the trip worth while and fun, When I got to the hotel my coordinator Rikki was waithing for me to make sure my room was ready and that I was set up to be picked up the following day for surgery. He actually made everything easier for me and made me feel very happy that I made my decision of going with dr. Q. When I got to the hospital I just have to say that ALL the staff was truly amazing and caring and what can I say about the Dr truly worth while he is an amazing doctor and even after surgery he will pass by my room to check on like, all the nurses are there 24hr so I was never alone and always taken care of. I was not in a lot of pain, it was mainly the gaz problem. I just wanted to thank all the staff for this amazin experience. I RECOMEND DR. QUINONES SERGIO TO HAVE THE SLEEVE SURGERY 100%%%%!!! if anybody have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask me, and thanks for reading my post. 13 days out and I have lost 20 pounds :0)


I just had surgery with Dr Q on 3/27/13. I had an awesome experience with Dr Q & his entire staff. The only discomfort I had really was from the gas. No pain from the surgery or the incisions at all. I didn't even notice the drain tube except for the bandage. I was able to get up & take a shower all by myself the next morning. I was able to walk to try to expel the gas & it helped tremendously. The nurses on his staff are all very attentive, friendly & very nice. They were always coming in to check on us (I shared a room with my friend Sheri & her husband). The ice chips & pop-cicles are amazing! (lol). The hospital/facility is great & the beds are very comfy! I stayed 2 nights at the facility & when I wasn't up walking I slept! I was then taken to the Real Del Rio Hotel where I had a room to myself! It was a very nice hotel & I was able to rest up & walk some more in the hotel. The whole time I never once felt ill at ease! It was an awesome experience. We were transported back to the US because we spent another night in San Diego before we went home! (Their driver Emelio is great & sooo funny!) All in all it was a great experience! I feel that I chose the best Dr when I chose Dr Quinones & I was very impressed with his work!

– Stephanie Gunter

Hello my name is Stacy I had my sleeve done on Jan 12th with Dr. Quinones and he was so awesome the instant he walked in the room I felt safe and sure that this is what I wanted to do. My coordinator was Henry and he totally rocked and is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met. Emilio was my drive and he was a blast. From the time I got off the plane till it was time to leave which my ride to the van was with Dulce who would do anything to help you she is so sweet, I never once felt displaced or, never did I feel like I was not the most important person there. The nurses were in my room checking on me all the time, I brought my laptop to watch movies and I could not make it thru a single movie without someone checking on me. My only regret was I did not do this sooner. I am 2 1/2 mo out and down 34 lbs.

– Stacy Eckel

I had surgery with Dr. Quinones on October 23, 2012.
I flew from Iowa to San Diego for my surgery and the first night i stayed in San Diego at the Quality Inn. The next morning at 7:00 am the medical van arrived promptly to pick up my husband and myself. The driver was a great conversationalist!!
We arrived at the Santa Fe Clinic and were impressed by the cleanliness and the newness of the facility. I was then take to a room and prepped for my surgery. I had my legs wrapped to prevent blood clots and blood was taken at that time. An IV was inserted and soon I was led to the operating room. I remember speaking with Dr. Quinones and the Anesthesiologist before the surgery and then the next thing I knew I was waking up back in my room. I was put in a room with 2 beds and my husband was allowed to stay with me in the hospital the whole time. This was definetly a plus!!
The staff at the Santa Fe Clinic were absolutely wonderful and Dr. Quinones was Awesome. I had no pain except some gas in my stomach. The staff came with Antibiotics and pain meds every time I needed it. I could not have asked for more. Dr. Quinones came to see me every day and see how I was doing. On the 2nd day after my surgery I drank some dye to see if I had any leaks and I didn't. At that time Dr. Quinones took out my drain which didn't hurt a bit. He then told me that he does a leak test before he closes up the stomach incisions and that he also sutures along with the staples.
I was released that day and taken by Henry, The Liaison to The beautiful Del Rio Hotel! What a beautiful place!! The next morning the medical van arrived promptly to take my husband and I back to the San Diego Airport. I flew 4 hours from Sand Diego to Chicago and then another half hour back to my home in Iowa with no problems. My life has changed since my sleeve. I have lost 41 lbs. and I only eat healthy foods now. I want to Thank Dr. Quinones and his team for an Awesome experience and for changing my life!!!!

Terrie Esquivel

I had Gastric Bypass surgery on May 21, 2012 with Dr Quinones and I have lost a total of 40 lbs. I am very happy with the surgery and a bariatric surgeon here in Canada told me the surgery was very well done.

My surgery was a success ! Dr Quinones is an excellent surgeon considering it was a difficult reversal surgery because of scare tissues caused by my previous lapaband and I would use his medical expertise anytime.

I need to loose another 38 lbs in order to acheive my normal BMI at 140 lbs. It's not easy loosing weight, I have to do alot of exercises, good diet and 2 litres of water every day. If I don't do this, by body will not loose weight by itself because it is fighting hard against weight lose since I'm taking medications that make me gain weight and reduce my metabolism.

Thank you everyone for all the help and good services that you gave me at Santa Fe Medical Clinic !!



– Lisa

I had surgery VSG surgery November 6th 2012. I am from California. I was picked up at the Border Station parking lot and driven to the Santa Fe hospital. Dr. Q and his staff were waiting for me and showed me to my private room. Immediately they started surgery prep and I was in surgery with in 90 minutes. I woke up in my room and had some pain that didnt last very long. I slept throughout the night rather well. My bed was comfy and I had a fan and a TV to use. The nurses checked on me regularly and added pain meds and antibiotics to my IV. The following day I felt pretty good. I brought my laptop and they provided a perfect internet signal. I watched movies and played online poker. The second night I showered and had mild gas pain which I would walk around to manage. On day three I was released by noon. I had a purple drink leak test and my drain removed by Dr Q. Henry picked up my prescription pain meds and acid reducer and they dropped me off at the Hotel del Rio. At the hotel I ordered room service chicken soup and sipped the broth for $7.00 and ut was delicious. I stayed in my room mostly since I was alone. I had a nice king size bed and was comfy. The room was much like a nicer Vegas hotel room.. I felt perfectly safe and its just a minute from the US border. By checkout time the next day I was picked up at the hotel and driven back to the Border Station parking lot. I was given an email address to contact Dr Q. if I had any questions. I was scared to travel to Tijuana alone but found the experience to be pleasurable and felt safe the whole time. I had a very easy recovery very little pain and 100% satisfied with my decision. I am just five weeks Post Op and I am already on solid foods and exercising and losing at a decent rate. I have and will continue to recommend this Dr. for the gastric sleeve procedure. So far I feel like I have added many happy and healthy years to my life. I have had zero complications up to this point. The staff was amazing and caring and I could not imagine it could get any better than my experience with Dr. Q.


I had surgery with Dr Quinones on Nov 30,2012. I must admit my experience went well above my expectations. I was treated very well by Dr Quinones and his staff. They were very professional and the hosiptal was very clean. The nurses were very attenative to my every need.Not once did I feel unsafe in Mexico. I had no pain exceptpt for the gas. I highly reccomend Dr Quinones to all who are considering weight loss surgery in Mexico. Once again, thank you Dr Quinones. My life has changed for the better.

– Eugenia

I had surgery with Dr. Quinones on October 5th, 2012. My experience with Dr. Quinones, and his staff was fantastic! When I awoke from surgery I had very little pain, in fact the only thing that hurt at all was my upper left shoulder and neck from the gas pains. I had NO pain what so ever in my stomach or the incision. I was able to get up and walk around the facility and take a shower on my own. The facility was nice, and clean, with some of the friendliest nurses I have even had the pleasure of meeting. After my 2 night stay in the facility I was transported to the Real Del Rio hotel. It was my first time being out of the country, and I was alone, but I felt safe and well taken care of the whole time. I was very impressed with the hotel accommodations, as they were much nicer than many hotels I have stayed at in the U.S. I am now home and able to go about my day as if I had never had a surgery at all. If I had to, I would make this decision time and time again. I feel that I chose a wonderful doctor, and could not have had a better experience. Thanks, Dr. Quinones!


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